If you’re thinking about putting together an online course there are many things you need to think about, but, THE FIRST thing you need to do is actually take an online course.

There are many free online courses, check out Coursera, P2PU or have a look for different MOOCs. Also check out my previous post on Khan Academy and Sophia. These sites (and others) host hundreds of free & pay for online courses.

The next best thing is to write down, or somehow record the following:

WHY do you want to put a course online?

WHO is your audience?

WHAT do you want people to take away from the course?

HOW do you envisage delivering the course?

These are baby stepping stones, putting a course online means you can offer heaps of full learning experiences, it’s not just about slapping a video on the internet.

Watch this space for more information, in the meantime go ahead and take that course – BE the student.



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