Welcome to my little space.  On here I will develop a blog full of relevant articles on the changes taking place in education and instructional design, in particular using all the exciting tools on the internet for learning and collaboration.

On this page is information about me and what I do with online learning, written communication and other professional development.  My inspiration comes from exploring, learning from what is around us and using technology to make connections.

Please take your time to have a look around.

I have been involved in education and curriculum design for seven years with my journey beginning, and continuing, in research and writing. Alongside this I develop graphics and manipulate images and spend a lot of time playing with different online technologies, in particular Web 2.0 and Open Source tools.

Currently I am working on a series of online courses in the health industry. Aspects of this project are developing aims, objectives and outlines in conjunction with subject matter experts, developing courseware, incorporating different learning techniques and communication styles, through to continual and summative assessments.  The courses have focused facilitated discussions and peer support.

My ongoing professional experience is also within sales and target orientated business infrastructures, building stakeholder relationships and managing client portfolios.

Academically I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in online learning, technology and change in education, a Masters in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts.  For me learning does not finish with institutions and I love to play with the connections and learning offered through social media.

Sydney is my physical home but I have been lucky enough to spend years living in two of my favourite countries; Indonesia and Thailand.  I’ve had addictions to Karate and Taekwondo, even so far as living in Seoul for a year to study Taekwondo.  Now I stay true to the yogic lifestyle with a daily Ashtanga practice.

You can find out more or get hold of me here, I’m always happy to chat about instructional/curriculum design, writing and eLearning.

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