I’m enjoying exploring the Teamie website (link below) and am looking at it not from a classroom perspective but from a more social learning perspective.

Teamie is a learning platform hosted on a cloud, big tick from me, and incorporates collaboration features through ‘walls’ similar to facebook where learners can work together.  Feedback on tests and projects can be visible to everyone and it is easy for everyone: educators, families, learners to see what’s going on.  It encourages people to communicate online and also a certain amount of transparency in the education process.

I assume that education facilities in different locations could use Teamie to connect and communicate by distance which is a great way to encourage diversity in collaboration and also mentoring.  This feature, as well as hosting classroom-style learning, could be useful in adult education/training where people often miss out on connecting with others outside of their immediate working situation.

There are more and more ‘LMS‘s’ out there and they all seem to be moving towards more of a social learning aspect.  I believe this is a massive step in the right direction.

I’m interested to see how people use it for their own learning experiences, especially when it comes to ‘inquiry’ learning.  What’s the best way to use a platform to encourage healthy use of some of the amazing resources on the Internet for student led learning?

Teamie: http://theteamie.com/

Check out their intro video ‘Teamie in Action’:


One response to “Teamie: moving from an LMS to a social learning platform”

  1. ceiros Avatar

    Great article, I for one love the whole concept of this sort of shared learning. Even if your a kinesthetic learner like myself I still think you’d excell with this type of shared, nutured and collabarative learning.

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