Wanna Be A Google Power Searcher?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

If you didn’t know already Google have a free online course showcasing their advanced search tools. It’s free and enrolment is open to everyone. Six classes, interactive activities and live chat hangouts all culminate in a post course assessment, yes – the big A – Assessment, after which you receive a certificate to print out and hang on your wall.

Who is doing it? Lots of people, I’m doing it and am looking forward to seeing how it all runs.

Although not being called a ‘MOOC’ it easily falls into being a Massive Open Online Course and has drummed up a lot of blog posts similar to this one – everyone is talking about it. A criticism of MOOC’s is the sheer number of people getting lost amongst the different conversations.  There can be a big learning curve for a participant to take before finding their focus during the course. I’m really looking forward to discovering Google’s structure in handling a large volume of learners.

I am also genuinely interested in learning how to effectively search using Google, it will open up another whole new world.

Check it out, Google Power Search, July 10 – July 23 2012