What is Ubuntu – a FREE Operating System

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If you’re looking at this you must be interested in Ubuntu/Linux/some kind of open source software.

Ubuntu is a free open source operating system. It is FREE, you can get it off the Internet, and there are no licensing fees – YES – NO licensing fees. Free to use and free to share with your friends/colleagues. It’s also free/open to go into the back end and have a play around.

Why doesn’t everyone use it? They don’t market and a lot of people are convinced by marketing, they are free so don’t spend money on anything unnecessary.

Is it as good as Mac and Microsoft? Yes, it is. Take this from someone who has used both Mac and Microsoft for years and is now happily converted to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is super easy to use and has a large group of computer tech nerds who constantly work on improvements.

Just to reinforce the reliability of free open source software: free open source software runs 75% of the worlds stock-exchanges including New York and London. It runs our air traffic control systems and nuclear submarines through to the special effects in Avatar. Open Source Software runs the majority of the Internet. Google, Amazon, Facebook, ebay and Twitter all run on the Open source platform Linux. 95% of the worlds supercomputers are Linux. Android is Open Source.

Many people support free and open source software in the business and education setting. There is help if you need it.

But for some reason many people still believe buying proprietary software and paying hefty licensing fees is a good idea. Go figure.

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For further information about open source in education check out this article on Fedena, a fully customisable open source operating system in India, it’s just been introduced and already seven million students are using Fedena hosted on a cloud.

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Flipped Out Over Sophia

Sophia Website Welcome Page – on the day that I took the photo.

I have just signed up for Sophia and so far it’s pretty cool. What is Sophia? It’s a social learning network described as “a mashup of Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube focused solely on education”.


What happens on Sophia?

You create a profile, make friends, join groups and follow subjects. There is a points system for watching and participating in activities, including great class management points for ‘good behaviour’, it’s not called that but the idea is to encourage people to act responsibly on the site. There are lists of tutorials and you can make a ‘playlist’ from them.


You can watch a tutorial and give it a rank then work your way up to the next tutorial. You can also upload tutorials – big bonus, we can all SHARE.


Tutorials are media heavy: text, graphics, music, videos, slideshows … The idea is that people both learn and teach in different ways so the more tutorials the more ways there are for people to connect with a learning style that matches them best.


Sophia has taken off in a big way and rightly so, it looks like loads of fun & there is a lot of potential for use in wider educational settings. There are privacy settings so you can share with an invite only group of people. Class projects could pick out different things in tutorials or create their own tutorial for a much deeper learning experience, or you can simply share a tutorial with your online or physical students.


I hope they look at breaking down the subject divisions and adding more of a tag system as not all learning takes place within a subject header.


To top off this great site they emphasis  Creative Commons on their licensing agreement.

They want people to share and work together :).


Check it out here