What My 11 Year Old’s Stanford Course Taught Me About Online Education

Here’s a link to Joshua Gan’s article resulting from responses from his 11 yr old son after taking an online Stanford course.

A couple of interesting points are that the course was simply a lecture put online, so it was boring for an 11 yr old (are we adults just used to ‘lectures’ after having been through the experience so many times ourselves?).

Also, the assessment submission is final, even if you didn’t understand what you were doing.

The material was great and there was plenty to learn, but the course doesn’t seem adapted for the online environment.

I believe putting courses online offers immense opportunities for connections, interactivity and deeper learning experiences.  An 11 yr old is an interesting test subject, refreshing to see things through the eyes of someone who’s grown up with online capabilities.

Check out the article here:



Super Better – Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonical is an absolute inspiration with gaming and education.  She’s developing games that inspire and support people – all people.

She’s a person who is making an impact and creating new paths for gaming and education.  She’s also a great speaker and communicator.

Everyone should check out the game of the year, SuperBetter:


Learning in Context Workshop 2012

Here’s a link to the 2012 Learning in Context Workshop which is happening in Brussels 26th and 27th of March (the last two days before this post).  The focus is on mobile learning and technology enhanced learning and discussions are on best practices (of course!) strengthening ties between different education fields and challenges from recent studies.

Sound like a lot to take in?  u can also go to this website http://www.teleurope.eu/ for more info and some summaries.


Enjoy your explorations.

SOLAR: Open Learning Analytics Platform

An open shared platform for learning coming from SOLAR (Society for Learning Analytics Research).  Rather than technology adoption in education being isolated this is suggesting an infrastructure for people to develop new technologies and methods together (there’s more to it than just this so check out the link below).  Wolfgang Greuller does suggest at the end of his blog that we should all think about a ‘data commons’ to cover this shared information.  Interesting idea..

Check out the link below:


Manifesto for Teaching Online

This morning I have been reading through this manifesto for teaching online:


I saw the link to it on Stephen Downes page.  Stephen noted that it was a manifesto for TEACHING online rather than LEARNING online.

On the information about the manifesto I like that they mention that it is a continual work in progress.

They also have a wordpress site to discuss the mainfesto: